Requests for Letter of Invitation to Attend the ACCP Annual Meeting

All requested Letters of Invitation will initially be sent via email. A paper copy will follow and will be sent regular mail unless a Federal Express or UPS account number is provided by the requestor. Please note that, in many cases, Visa Offices will not accept a faxed or emailed invitation. ACCP Letters of Invitation are provided only to delegates who plan to participate by attending the ACCP Annual Meeting or presenting a Poster. Receipt of a Letter of Invitation does not commit ACCP to provide travel or lodging to the requestor. 

Please print this page and complete the following information. Send via email to:

I request to have a Letter of Invitation from ACCP so that I may attend the ACCP Annual Meeting mentioned above.

________________  Please supply ACCP with a FedEx or UPS Account Number to send a Letter of Invitation (Please note: if an account number is not supplied, ACCP will send your letter via airmail and also through email).

Please identify the primary reason for attending.

___ I would like to attend the ACCP Annual Meeting for educational purposes and will require a Letter of Invitation.

___ I am a speaker in a Symposium, Panel Discussion or Workshop at the ACCP Annual Meeting.

___ I am the presenting author of Poster selected for presentation at the ACCP Annual Meeting.

My abstract is entitled:

And has a control number of: ______________________________

___ I am a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

___ I have paid the registration fee for the ACCP Annual Meeting.

Please send the Letter of Invitation to:

Name    ________________________________________________________
Address:    ________________________________________________________
Address:    ________________________________________________________
Affiliation:    ________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code, Country:    ________________________________________________________
Email address:    ________________________________________________________
Alternate email address:    ________________________________________________________
Phone number:    ________________________________________________________
Mobile number:    ________________________________________________________
Fax number:    ________________________________________________________

Please see the following sites for more information on Travel to the United States: