Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional Highlight Interviews

A new feature in the Student Newsletter HTMLs will highlight an ACCP Student/Trainee Member. Do you know an outstanding Student/Trainee Member of ACCP? Nominate him/her to be the focus of the "Student Highlight" in our next Student & Trainee HTML by contacting [email protected]!

Alex Prokopienko, PharmD

Kristina Brooks, PharmD

Eman Biltaji, PhD

Amelia Deitchman, PhD

Amit Somani, PhD

Kacey B. Anderson, BS

Daniela Conrado, MS

Daniel Gonzalez, PharmD

Priyanka Ingle, PhD

Maryam Agharahimi, MS

Vadryn Pierre, BS

Jonathan Constance, PhD