Jing Daisy Zhu, PharmD

“I had an incredible experience attending the 2016 ACCP Annual Meeting during my last year of pharmacy school - learning, networking and even seeking mentorship from professionals from all walks of the field. This experience inspired me to pursue graduate study upon completion of my PharmD program. I plan on nullifying the notion that ‘practicing good science is free from passion’ by becoming an active member of ACCP through committee involvement and literature contribution. ACCP, a close-knit organization, is instilled with an enourmous network comprised of excellent researchers, scientists, and clinicians. I encourage students who have a remote interest in clinical pharmacology and research to take advantage of all the opportunities that ACCP has to offer.”
 Amit Somani, PhD

"I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Krista Levy in the year 2011 at the AAPS meeting in Chicago. I learned from her about ACCP and decided to become a Student Member of the college in 2012. I have had the opportunity to present my research at an ACCP Annual Meeting in the year 2014. I am grateful to ACCP for presenting me with the Student Abstract Award for my research on Evaluation of Oral Drug Absorption Changes in Preterm and Term Neonates. ACCP provided the award winners with an opportunity to present a poster about their research for all three days during the meeting. In addition, I was also invited to do a Podium Presentation to share the findings from my research. I highly recommend that Students who aspire to become clinical pharmacologists get involved with ACCP earlier in their graduate education and take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their research. It’s a great way to share your work with the scientific community and network with many colleagues and leaders in the field of clinical pharmacology, many of whom you may be working with in the future in some capacity. ACCP has played an instrumental role in shaping my career in the field of clinical pharmacology. I look forward to my continued association with ACCP and staying current with the latest developments in the field of clinical pharmacology."

 Amelia N. Deitchman, PharmD,%20PharmD%20V2_thumb.jpg          

 “Since I joined as a student member in February 2013, ACCP has played a critical role in fostering my appreciation of the many facets of clinical pharmacology. The membership and Staff’s welcoming and encouraging attitude make it easy to get involved in the organization. I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in starting the Gator Student Chapter at the University of Florida, serving as the Chapter’s first Chair and contributing to student/trainee outreach and programming at the Annual Meeting as co-Chair of the Student Outreach Committee. The experiences I’ve had at both levels have been invaluable in shaping my view of the field and allowing me to interact with a wonderful, enthusiastic group of professionals with a passion for clinical pharmacology. With such an engaging and friendly community of some of the top professionals in the field, you are likely to easily meet your future boss, mentor, collaborator, or colleague at an ACCP Annual Meeting. I can highly recommend joining ACCP and getting involved!”

 Oliver Grundman, PhD

“Serving on the ACCP Student Outreach Committee provides me with the opportunity to engage with Students and provide them with a voice in the organization. I remember very well my years in graduate school and how challenging it can be to approach some of the eminent researchers and voices in the area of clinical pharmacology. ACCP and especially the Student Outreach Committee is a great way to make connections and find friends and mentors alike. I encourage all Students to reach out to the SOC committee members if they plan to attend the Annual Meeting or if they seek advice and input from others. Forming a community of peers is an essential part of your personal and professional development – take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by ACCP.”

 Daniel Gonzalez, PharmD, PhD

"I joined ACCP in July 2008 as a Student Member, and transitioned into a Full Membership in 2014 after completion of my training. Since joining, I have been able to benefit from the educational, leadership and networking opportunities that the organization provides. Also, by participating in the Student Outreach, Education and Annual Meeting Program Committees, I have been exposed to some of the day-to-day decisions related to coordinating Student activities and events. ACCP is a close-knit organization with a great support Staff that genuinely would like to meet the needs of its membership. I would encourage all trainees with an interest in clinical pharmacology to get involved and help shape the future of ACCP."

 Vera S. Donnenberg, PhD, FCP

"I have been an ACCP Member since 2003 and a Fellow since 2008. Since my days as a graduate student in pharmaceutical sciences, ACCP has been important to me as a venue in which to present my work, meet colleagues and keep up with the field. As a graduate student, ACCP provided guidance concerning my research directions and later data interpretation in the broader context of clinical pharmacology. As a PhD scientist working in the Department of Surgery on cancer biology, ACCP is my primary source of information on the ever changing field of pharmaceutical sciences. Further, as a Fellow of ACCP, participation on a variety of committees has broadened my horizons. My advice to potential applicants is to get involved with the ACCP and do it early in your career." 

 Vikram Arya, PhD, FCP           

“I have been actively involved with ACCP since 2001 when I joined as a Student Member. Since that time, ACCP has played a critical role in shaping my professional development. ACCP provides an ideal platform for Members to formulate and execute initiatives which help to promote the discipline of clinical pharmacology. For example, with the encouragement and support from ACCP's leadership and to help promote the academic and professional development of Students, I formulated and led the Student Outreach Initiative. ACCP duly recognizes the contributions of its Members, which is strongly attested by the fact that based on my commitment to ACCP and the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (JCP), I was elected to serve on the Board of Regents. I strongly believe that ACCP has and will continue to foster the professional growth of its members.”         

 Kacey Anderson
“I joined ACCP as a Student Member in the fall of 2013.  My experience as a Student Member in ACCP has been invaluable in a variety of ways.  As a previous Student Award Winner, I had the unique opportunity to give Podium and Poster Presentations at the ACCP Annual Meeting.  In addition, attending the Awards Dinner was both a fun and rewarding experience that allowed me to meet many of the Honors and Regents Members of ACCP.  The Student & Trainee Events at the ACCP Annual Meeting are excellent opportunities to seek advice and network with distinguished and accomplished individuals in the field of clinical pharmacology.  My favorite event at the ACCP Annual Meeting is the Career Roundtable session, which is a great forum to learn first-hand about career opportunities in the field.  As a Student who has benefited from opportunities in ACCP, I sought to take a more active role in the organization and joined the Student Outreach Committee (SOC) in the fall of 2014.  Since joining the SOC, I have enjoyed meeting new individuals in the organization and am rewarded by the opportunity to plan future Student events.  I look forward to maintaining an active role in ACCP as I continue through my professional career. “