Pre-meeting Workshops & Symposia Call for Proposals

Program Co-chairs: Jomy M. George, PharmD Lorraine M. Rusch, PhD


The Call for Proposals Submission System for the 2025 Annual Meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® (ACCP) is now OPEN.

The 2025 ACCP Annual Meeting, "Leveraging Innovative Approaches to Transform Clinical Pharmacology" will provide a forum for discussion on important clinical pharmacology topics ranging from research and drug discovery to patient care. Submit a Proposal through ACCP's online Submission System on one of the Areas of Submission noted below.

For each Proposal submitted, the submitter and at least one (1) Session Co-chair must be a current Member of ACCP at the time of submission and at the time the 2025 ACCP Annual Meeting is held. If you are not a current ACCP Member, visit the Join webpage to apply for or renew your membership.

The submission deadline is July 31, 2024.

Jomy M. George, PharmD
2025 ACCP Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-chair

2025 Areas of Submission

  • Artificial Intelligence/Digital Health/Technology Platforms in Drug Development

  • Big Data Science & Healthcare Analytics/Pharmacoeconomics & Policy

  • Biologics Therapeutic Proteins, Cell & RNA/DNA-based Therapy

  • Biomarkers/Pharmacogenomics/Precision Medicine

  • Biosimilars/Generics

  • Clinical Pharmacology Education & Interprofessional Education and Collaboration

  • Clinical Trials Design, Development & Statistical Approaches

  • Evidence-based Medicine/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring/Real World Evidence

  • Innovative Clinical Pharmacology Strategies for Dose Optimization

  • Metabolism, Transporters & Drug Interactions

  • Model-informed Drug Development (MIDD)/Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology

  • Novel Use of Therapeutics/Drug Repurposing/Natural Products in Drug Discovery

  • Regulatory Science/Legal/Bioethical Considerations

  • Specific Populations/Rare Diseases

ACCP Annual Meeting Proposal Guidelines & Budget Requirements

Preparing Your Proposal: What You Need to Submit

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