ISoP/ACCP Clinical Pharmacometrics Special Interest Group


In 2017, the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® (ACCP) jointly created the Clinical Pharmacometrics Special Interest Group (SIG).  The ISoP SIGs are communities with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology, where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field. The SIGs communicate, meet, develop training materials, develop position papers and publications, support students and organize programming ideas.

The Clinical Pharmacometrics SIG’s mission is to promote the application of pharmacometrics to direct patient care and foster an international SIG of scientists and clinicians across a spectrum of therapeutic specialties. This group is working on the improvement of the rational use of drugs by bridging pharmacometrics and clinical practice, which will positively impact the lives of patients worldwide. Given the overlapping interests of ISoP and ACCP in these areas, these organizations enthusiastically co-sponsor the Clinical Pharmacometrics SIG. Both ISoP and ACCP members are invited to join the Clinical Pharmacometrics SIG and participate in organizational planning and professional discussions. 


1. Create and maintain a forum for communication and collaboration between pharmacometricians with clinical interest and clinicians with an interest in pharmacometrics
2. To advance the field of personalized medicine through expanded use of pharmacometrics in clinical practice

Leadership Team
Nikolas Onufrak, Boehringer Ingelheim 

Amelia Deitchman, Univ of California San Francisco

Luning (Ada) Zhuang, US Food & Drug Administration

Sean Avedissian, Univ Nebraska

Scientific Secretary:
Amit Desai, Astellas

Steering Committee

Joseph Standing, Univ Coll London


Hesham Al-Sallami, Univ Otago
Ron Keizer, InsightRX
Jeannine McCune, City of Hope
David McDougall, Model Answers
Elisabet Nielsen, Uppsala Univ
Mirshad PV, MES Medical Coll
Darlene Santiago, Univ Puerto Rico
Sebastian Wicha, Univ Hamburg
Athena Zuppa, Children’s Hosp of Philadelphia

ACCP/ISoP SIG Student Abstract Award
The ACCP/ISoP SIG identifies areas of submission that are consistent with its focus and Student & Trainee abstracts within those areas are reviewed and scored by SIG Leadership. The top scoring Student abstract is the recipient of the ACCP/ISoP Student Abstract Award, which includes complimentary 3-Day registration to the ACCP Annual Meeting, a $500 honorarium, an award and an invitation to the Regents & Awards Dinner.

2020 ACCP/ISoP SIG Student Abstract Award Winner
Presentation Title: HydroC-Precision: An Integrated Hydrocortisone Dosing and Biomarker Platform for Treating Children with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

     Mu'taz Jaber, PharmD

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