The Strategic Plan of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology®:
2015 - 2019

(Endorsed by the ACCP Board of Regents, May 2015)

In 2015, the Board of Regents of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® (ACCP) engaged in a process to review and renew its Strategic Plan in order to better meet the needs of its Members and the global clinical pharmacology community. In performing this review, ACCP addressed the critical issues identified in its previous Strategic Plan and thoroughly assessed the changing needs of clinical pharmacology professionals worldwide. The resulting plan reflects a vision shared by the leadership of the society and is consistent with ACCP’s Vision & Mission. It establishes a series of short and long-range goals that are attainable, yet bold enough to encourage ACCP to reach beyond its comfort zone to strive for growth and progress in the years to come. The tactical execution of the plan is fully supported by ACCP Staff and Volunteers and is regularly monitored and reported on to facilitate the effectiveness of its implementation. As part of the routine evaluation of progress against the plan, ACCP will review goals, objectives and key performance measures to ensure optimal performance on each Strategic Initiative. Additionally, ACCP will continue to “think forward” and address new issues as they arise to maintain its commitment to fully supporting the clinical pharmacology community.     


ACCP's objectives are to advance the science of clinical pharmacology in all its phases and to engage in appropriate educational efforts in the public interest. These goals are to be attained in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and scientific standards.

Vision & Mission

  • To improve health by optimizing therapeutics;
  • Provide innovative leadership and interdisciplinary education that will enable the generation, integration and translation of scientific knowledge to optimize the research, development and utilization of medication for the benefit of all.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Education: Develop and implement a diverse, viable, high-quality education program that meets the needs of ACCP Members and the global clinical pharmacology community, ultimately leading to improved research and drug development and the optimization of patient care.  

    • This includes maintaining ACCME & ACPE accreditation, diversity in programming and format, performing ongoing quality assessments and growing ACCP’s presence in the international community.   

  • Membership: Grow an engaged and sustainable membership, bringing value to the diverse audience involved in clinical pharmacology.

    • Membership initiatives include a variety of programs to more effectively engage current Members and potential Members by consistently providing valuable Member Benefits and programs/opportunities for professional growth.    

  • Voice of Influence: Become the recognized "Voice of Influence" in the field of clinical pharmacology.

    • With its diverse membership, ACCP is uniquely positioned to become a trusted resource for both the clinical pharmacology community and the general public on issues related to clinical pharmacology. This can be further enhanced by developing strategic partnerships to increase visibility.  

  • Professional Relationships: Develop strategic relationships that will connect ACCP to professionals that apply clinical pharmacology principles in drug development, regulatory oversight, education and patient care.

    • Through its various initiatives, ACCP will develop strategic partnerships that strengthen its global presence for the benefit of Members and Non-members alike to promote research, drug development and patient care.   

  • People: Recruit and retain highly competent, diverse and engaged Staff, Leadership and Volunteers who are committed to our core values and mission.

    • As with any organization, recruiting competent leadership, Volunteers and Staff who are committed to ACCP’s core values and goals is essential. A series of efforts are in place to ensure that each person involved in supporting the Strategic Plan and driving ACCP to the future performs consistently to achieve the agreed-upon initiatives.  

  • Financial & Organizational Sustainability: Effectively manage the resources entrusted to us.

    • As an organization with strong financial resources, ACCP will continue to effectively manage its resources and strategically invest in infrastructure to support initiatives that will optimize the Member experience. Organizational stability will be achieved with robust provisions and annual reviews and updates to the ByLaws, as well as Policies & Procedures.