2024 Areas of Abstract Submission

Submission of Abstracts in the following areas is encouraged:

  • Big Data Science & Healthcare Analytics/Digital Health/Technology Platforms in Drug Development/Artificial Intelligence
  • Biologics Therapeutic Proteins/Cell & RNA/DNA-based Therapy
  • Biomarkers/Pharmacogenomics/Precision Medicine
  • Biosimilars/Generics
  • Clinical Pharmacology Education & Interprofessional Education
  • Clinical Pharmacology in Vaccine Development/COVID-19/RSV
  • Clinical Trials/General Drug Development Strategy & Practice
  • Drug Interactions/Drug Metabolism/Transporters/Drug-Drug-Disease Interactions
  • Drug Safety/Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug-Drug & Drug Device Combination Development
  • Evidence-based Medicine/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring/Quality of Life/Patient Outcomes
  • Innovative Clinical Pharmacology Strategies for Dose Optimization in Oncology/Project Optimus
  • Innovative Statistical Methods/New & Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs
  • Interprofessional Communication/Collaboration
  • Model-informed Drug Development/Applications of Modeling & Simulation (PKPD)/Pharmacometrics/Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
  • Novel Use of Therapeutics/Drug Repurposing/Natural Products in Drug Discovery
  • Pharmacodynamics/Mechanism of Action
  • Pharmacoeconomics & Policy
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Pharmacokinetics (including PopPK, ADME, Biopharmaceutics)
  • Rare Diseases
  • Regulatory Science/Risk Management/Legal/Bioethical Considerations
  • Special Populations in Clinical Trials & Clinical Practice (pediatrics, geriatrics, organ impairment, sex/gender differences, gender & sexuality minorities, obesity, organ transplant, other)
  • Toxicology
  • Translational Medicine/Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK)/Systems Pharmacology/In Vitro/In Vivo Extrapolation

Primary criteria for acceptance of Abstracts are:

  • Applicability to clinical pharmacology and translational medicine;
  • Innovation and scientific merit;
  • Relevance to ACCP's mission.

Each Abstract must contain:

  • A statement of purpose, innovation or hypothesis;
  • Description of methods and materials;
  • Data and results;
  • Interpretation, conclusion and significance.