ACCP Recognition Award Winners

Craig W. Hendrix, MDACCP Distinguished Investigator Award 

Craig W. Hendrix, MD – Wellcome Professor & Director, Div of Clinical Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins Univ

The ACCP Distinguished Investigator Award is given annually and is intended to recognize superior scientific expertise and accomplishments by a senior investigator, usually involving a distinct area of research in basic or clinical pharmacology for which the individual is internationally known. The candidate need not be a Member or Fellow of ACCP.

Dr. Hendrix is the Wellcome Professor & Director, Div of Clinical Pharmacology, at Johns Hopkins Univ. He is internationally known for his work in HIV/AIDS with over 200 original articles. As the Principal Investigator (PI) of clinical studies in antiretroviral pharmacology, he and his research team have made significant contributions to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis by developing novel methods to study drug delivery and local distribution of various investigational agents, as well as their pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic relationships to inform drug development and improve patient care. The research support for Dr. Hendrix over the past decade includes NIH funding as PI or Project Leader for seven NIH program project grants, PI of an R01 grant and Principal Pharmacologist in two HIV prevention networks, as well as support from the Gates Foundation and the pharmaceutical industry. He is an active member on several scientific advisory boards in academia, industry and government, served on several FDA Advisory Committees and serves as an Editor or Reviewer for over 15 different scientific journals. In 2017, Dr. Hendrix received the PhRMA Foundation Award for Excellence.

Markus Muller, MDACCP Honorary Fellowship Award

Markus Müller, MD – Professor & President, Medical Univ of Vienna

The ACCP Honorary Fellowship Award is given annually to a Non-member of ACCP and is meant to recognize primary activities within the immediate domain of clinical pharmacology. The award recognizes overall contributions to the field, rather than for any particular scientific work, by a senior investigator or authority having a national or international reputation in the scientific, public service, legislative, governmental or other area of endeavor impacting on the field. 

Dr. Müller currently serves as the President of the Medical Univ of Vienna, Austria, an institution with an excellent reputation that also includes the largest hospital in Europe, AKH Vienna, with over 2,200 beds. Before his appointment as President of the university, Dr. Müeller served for many years as Chair of the Dept of Clinical Pharmacology at the Medical Univ of Vienna, one of the largest clinical pharmacology units in Europe. He has developed the method of clinical microdialysis, which he used for many studies to determine the target site concentrations in healthy volunteers, as well as patients. He was also Principal Investigator on trials on ABC-transporter PET imaging tracers, on Alzheimers plaque PET imaging tracers, on Alzheimers vaccines and on cell-based H5N1 and H1N1 influenza vaccines. He has over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Nilima Arun Kshirsagar, MD, PhDNathaniel T. Kwit Memorial Distinguished Service Award

Nilima Arun Kshirsagar, MD, PhD, FACCP (USA), FRCP (UK) FNAMS FNAS (India) -  National Chair in Clinical Pharmacology, Indian Council for Medical Research, Government of India, New Delhi Chairperson Subcommittee of DTAB Government of India to review FDC, former Dean, Director, Acting Vice Chancellor State Health Univ of Maharashtra

The Nathaniel T. Kwit Memorial Distinguished Service Award is given in memory of the late Nathaniel T. Kwit, MD, FCP, a founding Fellow of ACCP, who served as a Regent for 5 years and as Treasurer for 20 years. The primary intent of this award is to recognize accomplishments of a general nature which benefit the field of clinical pharmacology. These may be in the area of teaching, administration, service with ACCP, long-term and wide-ranging scientific studies having practical importance, and other service-related functions. It is differentiated from the ACCP Distinguished Investigator Award in that it is not intended to recognize any distinct area of scientific investigation, but rather an overall contribution to the field. The candidate need not be an ACCP Member or Fellow.  

An MD, PhD by training, Fellow of ACCP and Royal College of Physicians (UK), member of WHO and Government of India Committees, Dr. Kshirsagar has held several key positions, including National Chair Clinical Pharmacology, Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India, and has worked tirelessly to further the discipline in the South Asia region. She started the Dept of Clinical Pharmacology in two premier medical colleges & hospitals in Mumbai and trained several MD, PhD and MSc students. A recipient of several awards, including the Dr. BC Roy National Award, the VASVIK Industrial Research Award, ICRI Lifetime Achievement Award and Mumbai Mayor’s Award, she has 250+ publications in high-impact national and international journals. Dr. Kshirsagar has been a committed member of ACCP. She established the South Asian College, an Affiliate of ACCP in 2006-2007, hosting an annual international conference and several workshops in collaboration with national and international partners from industry, academia and government.

Isabel Reinecke, Dr. rer. Nat.McKeen Cattell Memorial Award 

Isabel Reinecke, Dr. rer. Nat. – Senior Modeling & Simulation Expert, Clinical Pharmacometrics, Bayer AB (on behalf of Bayer AG)

The McKeen Cattell Memorial Award is made in memory of the late McKeen Cattell, MD, PhD, FCP, the first editor of The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (JCP) and co-founder of ACCP. This award is made annually, recognizing an outstanding research paper published in the JCP during the preceding year. The award is typically presented to the first author of the paper. 

This year’s award-winning journal article is: “Model-Based Dose Selection for Intravaginal Ring Formulations Releasing Anastrozole and Levonorgestrel Intended for the Treatment of Endometriosis Symptoms” Authors: Isabel Reinecke, PhD, Marcus-Hillert Schultze-Mosgau, PhD, Rüdiger Nave, PhD, Heinz Schmitz, MD, Bart A. Ploeger, PhDPublished in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Volume 57, Issue 5, pages 640-651, May, 2017.

Marc R. Gastonguay, PhD, FISoPBristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award

Marc R. Gastonguay, PhD, FISoP - Chief Executive Officer, Metrum Research Group LLC

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award is given annually to an awardee who demonstrates exemplary promotion of clinical pharmacology, with emphasis on training/guidance of junior scientists and/or colleagues.

Dr. Gastonguay is an internationally-renowned quantitative clinical pharmacologist with two decades of contributions towards clinical pharmacology at large. As part of his mission at Metrum Research Group LLC and as a member of the adjunct faculty at various universities, Dr. Gastonguay regularly mentors industry scientists, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. His 100+ publications, including posters, manuscripts & conference presentations, are a clear testament to his achievements. He is a strong proponent of the idea that the growth of science is a community responsibility with Open Science at its roots. Under his vision & leadership, Metrum develops & provides freely available open content, including extensive formal training resources in pharmacometrics (six semester’s worth of open courseware), multiple open-source tools & open disease models.

Neeraj Gupta, PhD, FCPTanabe Young Investigator Award

Neeraj Gupta, PhD, FCP - Senior Scientific Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Int’l Co

The Tanabe Young Investigator Award is given on a biannual basis (on even numbered years) and is funded by a grant from Tanabe Research Labs, USA. The award recognizes the significant contributions of an investigator who has made unusual strides in research related to clinical pharmacology and whose career shows promise of outstanding achievements at a relatively early stage, typically 10-12 years post-research degree. The candidate need not be a Member or Fellow of ACCP.

Dr. Gupta is Senior Scientific Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. He holds a PhD in Pharmacokinetics from the Univ of Iowa. His career in industry has resulted in outstanding contributions to the development of several anticancer therapeutics including ixazomib & brigatinib. Dr. Gupta’s innovative leadership of the model-informed and patient-centric development of ixazomib for multiple myeloma has received much external recognition in the scientific community, resulting in a total of 24 publications on the molecule. He has authored 40 manuscripts & over 90 abstracts and has given numerous presentations. He has played a pivotal role in mentoring the next generation of scientists & drug developers through his direct line managerial responsibilities at Takeda, mentorship of interns & external teaching responsibilities. An active Fellow in ACCP, he serves on the Membership Committee.

Roger Jelliffe Roger Jelliffe Individualized Therapy Award

Roger W. Jelliffe, MD, FCP - Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, Dept of Medicine, Univ of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Founder & Director Emeritus, Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics & Bioinformatics

Long-time ACCP Fellow, Roger Jelliffe, MD, FCP, will be honored with an award named after him, acknowledging his pioneering use of clinical pharmacology & pharmacometrics to optimize therapeutic medication dosing in individual patients. Starting in 2019, the Roger Jelliffe Individualized Therapy Award will be given annually to a Member or Non-member of ACCP & is intended to recognize an individual who significantly advances the field of personalized medicine by improving the use of drugs or biologics in patients.