Pharmacometric Web-based Learning Resource

The ACCP Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional (STEP) Committee is pleased to announce the new Pharmacometrics Web-based Learning Resource brought to us by the Univ of Maryland Ctr for Translational Medicine. In addition to the Pharmacometric resource, ACCP provides numerous Member Benefits to enhance your professional development. We encourage you to join ACCP to receive these Member Benefits.

Why is the Pharmacometric Web-based Learning Resource important?
The study of pharmacometrics facilitates the optimization of drug efficacy and minimizes toxicity. Due to the increase in demand for this science, this area of pharamcokinetics and pharmacodynamics provides generous opportunities for entry-level positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

The content offers a beginner’s guide to pharmacometric theory, modeling and application, including: 

  • Theory with definitions of common terms;
  • Case studies with code are available for NONMEM, R and SPLUS; 
  • A code library for a variety of study designs, 1- and 2-compartment models and various administration routes (e.g. bolus, oral, IV infusion), elimination scenarios (e.g. linear, nonlinear) and dosing regimens (e.g. single dose, multiple dose);
  • Video tutorials.
The STEP Committee would like to thank the Univ of Maryland and specifically Drs. Mathangi Gopalakrishnan, Vijay Ivaturi and Pravin Jadhav for their contribution to ACCP and the clinical pharmacology field.