New ACCP Fellows 


Join us in congratulating Girish Gudi, PhD, FCP and Ahmed Nader, PhD, FCP for their acceptance as an ACCP Fellow.

Fellowship is the highest category of membership granted by ACCP and is awarded to those with exemplary credentials and dedication to the betterment of the discipline and provides an opportunity to shape the future of clinical pharmacology. The FCP acronym implies a certain prestige and pride in the greater clinical pharmacology community and opens doors to talk about ACCP and clinical pharmacology to those who are interested. Fellows are frequently selected to chair committees and may be elected to serve on the Board of Regents or as an Officer that governs the society.

Congratulations Drs. Gudi and Nader on your ACCP Fellow membership status! We look forward to your continued contribution to the society.


Girish Gudi, PhD, FCP Fellowship Statement
"It is an honor to be awarded a Fellow status with ACCP and I am delighted to be recognized in the field of clinical pharmacology. As a Fellow, I look forward to the opportunities to strengthen the interactions with the ACCP community, contribute to the society’s mission and to learn and contribute to the field."

Ahmed Nader, PhD, FCP Fellowship Statement
"I am very grateful to be designated by ACCP as a Fellow of Clinical Pharmacology and I am excited about the future opportunities ACCP holds for me and other scientists within the clinical pharmacology community. At this stage of my career, such recognition from ACCP not only acknowledges my past contributions to the field of clinical pharmacology, but also fuels my motivation to continue to be an influential researcher and community member within ACCP."