Why become a Fellow in ACCP?

Fellowship is the highest category of membership granted by ACCP and, as such, is awarded to those with exemplary credentials and dedication to the betterment of the discipline and provides an opportunity to shape the future of clinical pharmacology. Becoming a Fellow in ACCP is a recognition by your peers of an experience level or a milestone in professional achievement that provides opportunities to participate and contribute to the society at a higher level. Being a Fellow provides a sense of community and collegiality and it acknowledges that you are part of a respected scientific society where one can exchange scientific knowledge. Those who are Fellows effectively serve as Ambassadors of the society to the greater clinical pharmacology community. The FCP acronym implies a certain prestige and pride in the greater clinical pharmacology community and opens doors to talk about ACCP and clinical pharmacology to those who are interested. Fellows are frequently selected to chair committees and may be elected to serve on the Board of Regents or as an Officer that governs the society.

How to apply for Fellow

Applications for Fellow will be considered for any applicant that meets the requirements as specified below. ACCP Members wishing to become a Fellow must begin by logging in and updating their profile on the ACCP website. In addition, they must send a current CV and two Letters of Support from current ACCP Fellows to [email protected]Applications require the approval of the Board of Regents and must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to the next Board of Regents Meeting, as noted below.

Fellows who wish to reinstate membership after failure to pay dues for a period of three (3) years or more shall be required to reinstate as a Member and reapply for Fellow in the credentials period following approval as a Reinstated Member. The application for Fellow must include all requirements for Fellowship as noted below. Any questions may be address to [email protected].

Requirements for Fellowship are as follows:

  • At least five (5) years beyond completion of an earned terminal degree (PharmD, PhD, MD, MBBS, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant), or ten (10) years beyond a collegiate degree (BA, BS, MA, MS), with experience/sustained contributions in any of the healthcare professions or any biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences related to the discipline of clinical pharmacology;
  • A minimum of five (5) years, including three (3) consecutive years leading up to the application, as an actively participating full Member of ACCP (years as Student Member not applicable);
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from current ACCP Fellows;
  • Evidence of meritorious work which is acceptable to the Credentials Committee and the Board of Regents, including at least two (2) criteria from the following list:
  • Any combination of five (5) of the following in the past seven (7) years:
    • publications in peer-reviewed journals,
    • serving as a speaker in a scientific conference presentation or as an invited speaker for an educational scientific presentation at a national or international level, and/or
    • patents. (Presentation of scientific posters and commercial and/or nonscientific presentations are not considered.);
  • Receipt of national or international recognition or awards in clinical pharmacology or related fields, excluding trainee awards (applicant must describe how the award(s) reflect meritorious work);
  • Receipt of high-level corporate/governmental awards for sustained contributions in the field of clinical pharmacology or related fields, excluding trainee awards (applicant must describe how the award(s) reflect meritorious work);
  • Board certification from the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology and/or Certification by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties;
  • Minimum of five (5) years of sustained, verifiable contribution as an Editor, an Editorial Board member or a Reviewer of a peer-reviewed, professional journal indexed by the National Library of Medicine that includes substantial content relevant to clinical pharmacology;
  • For non-academic colleagues, productivity in an adjunct research or teaching position contributing to education focused on a discipline of clinical pharmacology for at least five (5) years; or
  • For academic colleagues, exceptional curricular development initiatives that advance teaching and learning in clinical pharmacology.

In order to facilitate the review of your application for Fellow, it is required you assess your skills and experience against the requirements and submit a statement of your credentials to Staff with your application materials for inclusion in the materials for review by the Credentials Committee.


For a full list of current ACCP Fellows please click here. This information is restricted to ACCP Members and you must be logged into to your ACCP account to view the PDF.

Annual Dues for a Fellow are $325, which includes all Member Benefits

Board of Regents Meetings  


  • May 5, 2024
  • September 7, 2024