Volunteer for a Committee 

ACCP actively encourages Member participation in committees, which are critical to driving the future of the organization. In August of even-numbered years, a Call for Volunteers goes out, encouraging ACCP Members to submit a Committee Volunteer Form. Committee participation is a two-year commitment, from September to September, consistent with the change in ACCP leadership. Members are permitted to participate in one committee at a time. Members wishing to join committees outside the Call for Volunteers are considered on a case-by-case basis. ACCP strives to balance committees with representation across its diverse base of membership and to include Students where appropriate. Please note that participation in ACCP committees is limited to ACCP Members in good standing.    

Please note: As of September 1, 2016, the 2017 - 2018 Committees are seated and any new volunteers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact KLevy@ACCP1.org with any questions. 

Annual Meeting Program Committee – Please note this committee is already seated for 2018 and there are currently no positions availableDevelops and oversees the program for the Annual Meeting, including selection of the educational events and decisions about other programming. This committee is seated more than 18 months in advance of the event and meets frequently by phone, as well as in person at the Annual Meeting.

Constitution & ByLaws Committee – Oversees modifications to the documents to ensure contemporary, relevant governance, policies and procedures. The committee is convened as required since changes to the documents are not made every year. When changes are being considered, the committee meets frequently from May to August. 

Credentials Committee – Restricted to Fellows, the committee reviews all membership applications and makes recommendations on applicants to the Board of Regents. The committee meets periodically by phone and the application review process occurs three times per year, in advance of the Board of Regents meetings.

Education Committee – Responsible for the overall education program and ensuring that ACCME and ACPE accreditation requirements are met. Meets at Annual Meeting and as needed throughout the year. The CE Compliance Subcommittee provides peer review of all continuing education activities.

Finance Committee – Restricted to Fellows, the committee oversees ACCP’s finances and investments and proposes financial policies for consideration by the Board. The committee meets 5-6 times per year by phone and live at the Annual Meeting.  

Honors & Awards Committee – Works with Staff to develop a slate of candidates for the ACCP Recognition Awards presented at the Annual Meeting. The committee meets live at the Annual Meeting and frequently by phone between November and January to review nominations and determine the recommended award recipients for approval by the Board.    

Membership Committee The committee meets 5-6 times per year by phone and often live at the Annual Meeting. The charge of the committee is to deal with member-related issues presented to it by the Board, Staff or ACCP membership and to make recommendations based on the above-noted issues.

Nominating Committee Please note that this committee is already seated and there are currently no positions available. Restricted to Fellows, the committee serves to develop slates of candidates for the elections of Regents and Officers. The committee meets by phone on an as required basis to meet ACCP’s election needs.

Publications Committee  The committee manages the relationship with the publisher of the journals, as well as the business of the journals, including but not limited to, publication policies and the selection of Editors and publishers. The committee meets 5-6 times per year by phone and live at the Annual Meeting.   

ublic Policy Committee The committee develops a series of Policy Papers each year to ensure that ACCP's views are presented to the public. This effort may be in concert with other organizations to articulate a common viewpoint. The primary goal of the initiative is to explain the importance of clinical pharmacology in the effort to ensure the optimal use of therapeutics to improve healthcare for all. The committee meets 5-6 times per year by phone and live at the Annual Meeting. Committee members work individually to develop the Policy Papers, which are then reviewed by the committee for approval by the Board.

Student, Trainee & Young Professional Committee
The committee strives to increase the membership and participation in ACCP of undergraduate & graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and young professionals who are beginning their full-time career. This is done by increasing the awareness of the discipline of clinical pharmacology, providing the ability for Student Members and young professionals to get involved in various academic and career development opportunities and connecting these individuals with senior ACCP Members through a Mentoring Program. The committee, which is comprised of Student Members, Members and Fellows of ACCP, coordinates Student- and young professional- related activities within ACCP. The ongoing initiatives include providing educational resources and leadership opportunities, encouraging publication and developing Student- and young professional-specific events for the ACCP Annual Meeting. The committee meets by phone 5-6 times per year.