Annual Meeting Events for Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals

The 2020 ACCP Annual Meeting is changing to a virtual event, it is our intent to continue to provide high-quality events for our young colleagues.

The 2020 ACCP Annual Meeting Student, Trainee & Young Professional events are sponsored by

Monday, September 14th
  • 10:00 - 11:00 AM ET - Welcome & Coffee Chat: Join the virtual conversation with Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional colleagues, see a brief presentation of upcoming events to help Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals meet their goals and learn what the Annual Meeting holds in store for you.

Friday, September 18th
  • 1:00 - 2:30 PM ET - Panel Discussion on Career Guidance: Effective Communication Styles Across Career Stages - As you prepare for future positions, it is critical to understand differences in communication styles. This panel discussion will address topics such as how junior and senior colleagues tackle problem solving differently due to technological advances and how clinical pharmacology colleagues at different career levels teach each other to ensure success. The ACCP STEP Panel Discussion moderated by Dr. Kayla Lien with Drs. Natella Rakhmanina, Matthew Dufek and Alex Prokopienko as Presenters can be viewed here.

  • 2:30 - 3:30 PM ET - Podium Presentations: A select number of Student & Trainee Abstract Award winners will present their research in a Podium Presentation to an audience of Annual Meeting Attendees. Support your colleagues by being a part of this important event. The 2020 Virtual ACCP Annual Meeting Student & Trainee Podium Presentations moderated by Dr. Nithya Srinivas and presented by Jing (Daisy) Zhu, PharmD, Karthik Lingineni, MS, Brooke Langevin, BS and Simon Berger, BS can be viewed here.

  • 3:30 PM ET - STEP Networking Reception:Join us for a virtual STEP Networking Reception where you can interact with Panel Discussion speakers and other ACCP Mentors to chat about questions that will help you make decisions about your future.

CV Reviews!
Give your CV impact!  Submit your CV to by August 1st for a review and suggestions by ACCP Mentors. Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals wishing to discuss their CV in person with a Mentor should note such when submitting the CV. ACCP will facilitate introductions permitting you to personally arrange a virtual meeting with the ACCP Mentor.