Limited Time, Special Two-year Student Membership Offer

Students & Trainees can change the trajectory of their careers by taking advantage of the opportunities provided for professional growth and development. The American College of Clinical Pharmacology® strives to provide exceptional Member Benefits to Student & Trainees, as well as seasoned professionals. Now, the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® is offering a special two-year Student Membership for the price of only $50. New Student Members can join between now and December 31, 2018 and enjoy Member Benefits starting from their date of payment through December 31, 2020 – all for the price of $50! This is available to all Students, Trainees and Postdoctoral Fellows joining ACCP for the first time.

In 2019, ACCP celebrates 50 years of advancing the science of clinical pharmacology in all its phases and engaging in appropriate educational efforts in the public interest. As an organization whose primary role is education, ACCP does not concentrate on any one aspect of the discipline but instead seeks to address the educational needs of all healthcare professionals, covering a range of topics that span the entire area of the interaction between drugs and humans. Members include MDs, PharmDs and PhDs, as well as undergraduate and graduate students that utilize the principles of clinical pharmacology from the research laboratory (academic and industrial) to the classroom, and from clinical trials to improved patient care.

To join online, Students, Trainees & Postdoctoral Fellows should go to and select Join, then Student Member and follow the tabs to thoroughly complete a profile, including attaching a CV and some form of Student verification, then paying dues price of $50 for two years of membership.  

We invite you to view this video about Student Membership in ACCP.

Membership in ACCP helps you get to the top of your professional game!

  • Confidently achieve a high level of professional performance by staying on the cutting edge of clinical pharmacology developments;
  • Build professional relationships that last a lifetime;
  • Be part of a vibrant professional community with similar goals and objectives;
  • Shape the future of clinical pharmacology.

ACCP Members receive:

  • Discounted registration for the ACCP Annual Meeting;
  • Networking opportunities and access to Mentors at leading universities, regulatory agencies and biotech & pharma companies;
  • Opportunity to enhance your leadership skills by volunteering for one of ACCP's many committees;
  • Opportunity to develop educational activities and get involved in the clinical pharmacology community;
  • Free online access ACCP's high-quality publications, The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, published for over 50 years, and Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, introduced in 2012.
  • Free CME and CPE credits on selected articles in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Free 24/7 access to online educational activities, including the ACCP Fundamentals Tutorials, ACCP Virtual Journal Club, ACCP Therapeutic Dilemmas, ACCP Policy Statements (new in 2018!) and other webinars, all available live, then On Demand; 
  • Access to the ACCP Job Center to view jobs and post your resume;
  • Receipt of routine updates from ACCP about developments in the field of clinical pharmacology and ACCP events.

If you are not currently a Student Member of ACCP, please join and change the trajectory of your career by taking advantage of the opportunities ACCP provides for professional growth and development!