Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity is the Core of ACCP's Culture


The Mission & Vision of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® (ACCP) includes providing innovative leadership and interdisciplinary education that will enable the generation, integration and translation of scientific knowledge to optimize the research, development and utilization of medication for the benefit of all. As an organization with a global membership, ACCP strives to embrace the unique nature of each individual in the international community it serves. From educating healthcare colleagues that span the breadth of the myriad of facets of the profession to ensuring safe and efficacious patient care, ACCP remains committed to promoting and adhering to fairness and equity.

From a diverse Board of Regents elected by the society’s Members to discounted membership fees for colleagues from developing countries to proudly supporting diversity among Faculty Speakers in educational programs and a concerted effort to provide opportunities and develop the skills of our younger colleagues, ACCP deliberately seeks to promote the field of clinical pharmacology to all who express an interest and share our values, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or skill set. We endeavor to avoid unconscious bias and promote professionalism, courtesy and respect. This cannot be a static concept, but must instead be one by which we abide as we evolve and grow.

The Officers, Board of Regents, Staff and the membership of ACCP invite you to join us in serving our global community with dignity & integrity to prohibit discrimination & harassment and work together to achieve a better tomorrow.

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ACCP strives to provide a warm and welcoming environment for Members and Annual Meeting Attendees. We'd like to hear about your experience in ACCP. The video testimonial will take just a few minutes to record and can be done at your convenience on your phone or laptop. If selected your video may posted on ACCP's website, social media or other promotional content.

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Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity Committee

The main purpose of the IDE Committee is to implement guidances to ensure that ACCP is mindful of a social balance in its activities and programming that provides an atmosphere of opportunity for all persons in the society. This will allow ACCP to effectively meet the needs of its Members, engage them in society activities and attract new Members to whom the opportunities appeal. For more information on the Committee and its role please view the Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity Committee Charter.

2022 - 2024 IDE Committee

View video statements from committee members about the importance of the IDE Committee.

2022 - 2024 Committee Workplan


1. Release video tutorial on “Understanding Appropriate Professional Conduct in ACCP” that includes the definition of a reportable incident and how to report such an incident at ACCP. This will address the need identified in the 2022 membership survey and is consistent with ACCP’s desire to create a safe and respectful environment for all.
2. Create and promote the capacity on the website to report a positive experience at ACCP through sharing personal perspectives and experiences.
3. Develop and implement the two IDE-developed educational Symposia accepted for the 2024 ACCP Annual Meeting.
4. Develop and implement IDE-focused webinars on a variety of relevant topics.
5. Develop a manuscript from the IDE webinar on clinical trials hosted last August.  
6. Host the IDE Committee in the Industry Theatre at the 2024 ACCP Annual Meeting and cross promote the IDE-developed educational Symposia. 
7. The committee will strive to develop and publish manuscripts, as appropriate, to support/reflect educational sessions.