Why should Students, Trainees & Young Professionals join ACCP?

Students, Trainees & Young Professionals who join ACCP benefit from a number of Outreach Programs. Each of the programs is designed to provide an opportunity to interact with a wide audience of colleagues with diverse degrees, backgrounds and organizational affiliations.  Find out why Students, Trainees & Young Professionals value membership in ACCP!

Student, Trainee & Young Professionals Committee
The Student, Trainee & Young Professionals Committee (STYP) strives to increase the membership and participation of undergraduate & graduate students, post-doctoral fellows & young professionals in ACCP. The STYP does this by increasing the awareness of the discipline of clinical pharmacology, providing the ability for Student Members & Young Professionals to get involved in various academic and career development opportunities and connecting Student Members & Young Professionals with senior ACCP Members. The STYP, which is comprised of Student Members and senior Members, coordinates Student, Trainee & Young Professional-related activities within ACCP. The ongoing initiatives include providing educational resources and leadership opportunities, encouraging publication and developing specific events for the ACCP Annual Meeting. If you are interested in joining the STYP, please contact [email protected]

Educational Resources
ACCP maintains a firm commitment to the academic and professional development of Students, Trainees & Young Professionals. Connecting with this group early in their careers permits ACCP to provide multifaceted educational and career development opportunities. In its collaborations with various organizations, one of ACCP's primary efforts is to improve the quality of instruction in clinical pharmacology and its position in curriculum planning at schools of medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines around the world. From educational articles,  the ACCP Virtual Journal Club and other webinars to information on clinical pharmacology training programs, ACCP is an excellent educational resource.

Leadership Opportunities
ACCP encourages active Student, Trainee & Young Professional participation in a variety of committees where the Student & Young Professional perspective can make a difference! Whether you join the STYP Committee or the Education, Membership or Program Committees, valuable skills are acquired and relationships are developed. Learn, grow and become a leader by  volunteering for an ACCP  committee! Volunteering for an ACCP committee!

Submit a Manuscript
Submit a manuscript to The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, ACCP’s flagship journal that provides clinicians and pharmacologists with well-written, original research on a broad range of topics, or to Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on publishing high-quality clinical pharmacology studies in drug development which are primarily (but not exclusively) performed in early development phases in healthy subjects.

Student, Trainee & Young Professional Events at the ACCP Annual Meeting
A number of Student, Trainee & Young Professional-focused events are held at the ACCP Annual Meeting. From submitting an abstract and competing for awards to participating in Podium Presentations, career guidance events, the Student Networking Reception or Poster Tours, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with your colleagues and network with distinguished leaders in the field of clinical pharmacology. 

Student Highlight Interviews
Individual Students, Trainees & Young Professionals are selected by the ACCP STYP Committee to participate in a written Student Highlight Interview that is shared with the ACCP Membership in an eNewsletter. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills as you move to the next level of professional achievement.